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“Windows update” on windows 8

November 26th, 2012

The as-far-as-I-have-discovered fastest way to get to “Windows update” in Win8 is command/windows button -> type “update” (or possibly “upd”) -> down arrow (to get to Settings) -> return -> return.
( Then tab&enter to see more info about what is about to get installed, esc to close the dialogue, tab to set focus on the Ok button and then return to shoot. )

PC settings (in Norwegian bokmål)

I have been playing with language settings – hence What PC settings looks like in Norwegian (bokmål).

[ Lots of GUI stuff is new in Windows 8 and not all for the good; getting rid of Search programs and files is not one of the wise choices. ]

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Mac OSX, Parallels, Windows 8, Visual studio 2012 and VS drops all keyboard events

November 22nd, 2012

For my fellow googlewithbingers out there:

If you run a setup like mine with Win8 running on OSX through Parallels and your VS2012 sometimes stops responding to key presses; activate another application, then press the windows/command button for getting the start screen and then choose VS2012.  Your already running VS gets focus and the keyboard is restored.

Don’t know why this works.  There are certainly better workarounds.  The problem with probably go away in the future.  But for now it saves me.

Search programs and files is lost in Windows 8 – and a bit clumsy workaround

November 1st, 2012

The Search programs and files command doesn’t work as good in Windows 8 as Windows 7 or Vista.  In fact, it only does a fraction of its predecessor.

As a developer I often manipulate windows services and hence use the Services app in Control panel.  In Win7 I just press the windows button and write services.

One can find Services in Windows 8 too but it doesn’t come as easy.  One has to start searching (just press a letter at the start screen) but then choose to search in Settings through pressing arrow-down arrow-down enter.

I have a workaround to find Services and it is to go through the normal Control panel->Administration path and copy the Services shortcut.  I then pin this shortcut to Windows8 start screen.
Next time I want to open the Services I just write services and hey presto – it shows up in the search result.

One can do this for the usual programs one wants to get to.

It took the original start button over 10 years to develop into what it is today.  I don’t blame Microsoft for not getting it right at first try and I look forward to future refinements.

Install Windows8 through Parallells on Mac/OSX

April 6th, 2012

Installing Windows8 consumer preview on a Max/OSX running Parallells works like a charm.  I even saw a button in Parallells to install Win8; I guess Parallells downloads and installs everything.  I had downloaded the gigs already so I chose to install from ISO.

It can also be an advantage to install on a mac since the touchpad is fantastic.

Next mission is to install Visualstudio11.


Visualstudio11 works.


Multitouch on the Mac mouse does not work when you write your own WPF applications as mentioned on Stackoverflow.