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Search programs and files is lost in Windows 8 – and a bit clumsy workaround

November 1st, 2012

The Search programs and files command doesn’t work as good in Windows 8 as Windows 7 or Vista.  In fact, it only does a fraction of its predecessor.

As a developer I often manipulate windows services and hence use the Services app in Control panel.  In Win7 I just press the windows button and write services.

One can find Services in Windows 8 too but it doesn’t come as easy.  One has to start searching (just press a letter at the start screen) but then choose to search in Settings through pressing arrow-down arrow-down enter.

I have a workaround to find Services and it is to go through the normal Control panel->Administration path and copy the Services shortcut.  I then pin this shortcut to Windows8 start screen.
Next time I want to open the Services I just write services and hey presto – it shows up in the search result.

One can do this for the usual programs one wants to get to.

It took the original start button over 10 years to develop into what it is today.  I don’t blame Microsoft for not getting it right at first try and I look forward to future refinements.

Googling your own question

May 14th, 2011

Some years ago I googled a question just to find my own answer.

Right now it happened again.  Wasted 2 hours for finding the question and answer I already had gotten an answer for.

It was about AspnetMvc and Model and Actionresult and Modelstate and Modelstate.clear and Modelstate.Remove and Return View.  So next time I can google my own blog to find my own question to find the answer.

Stupid me.