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IE debugger – it has existed since a long time back

November 28th, 2012

Every so often (but more seldom) I hear that IE doesn’t have a debugger.
“What?” I say.  “I have been using a debugger in IE for many years.”

It is (was?) hard to find though.  One way was to install Visual studio.  Another to install MSOffice. The third was (is) to follow this forgotten, seldom mentioned but still working link to download.  I have recently used it for debugging an unpatched IE7 on WinXP.

Today the debugger is one F12 press away.

<rant>The IE debugger has shortcuts which is a must for debugging.  Mousing is doable but not for serious work. (YMMV)  Chrome, Opera and Firefox have shortcuts too but they mix with the debugee – try setting the focus on the debugee form and then press a shortcut; nothing happens.  By the time you, dear reader, read this the problem might have been solved but for now I am right. <mad-professor-laughter/></rant>

Microsoft File Transfer Manager problem in Windows 7 x64

July 5th, 2011

When running 64 bit Windows 7 and trying to download from MSDN you might get… nothing.

The problem is that the File transfer manager is 32 bit and your IE is 64.  Solution is to start IE in 32 bit.

Either find it in the start menu.  Or look in C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer.


To make this article searchable I reprint a dialogue:

VBScript: Microsoft File Transfer Manager
There was an error launching File Transfer Manager.

If you are running Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 1,
this installation may have been blocked.  If the gold IE Information Bar is present above, please
click the bar and select the option to ‘Install ActiveX’.

For additional assistance, please visit the web site,
or contact your help provider.

Dump of an error message from Microsoft File Transfer Manager

Microsoft File Transfer Manager


Note: I got the text out of the dialogue through ctrl-c.

Ajax JSON.stringify IE7 problem

May 4th, 2011

Just a tip up front.  IE7 runs an older script engine than IE8 and has no full support for Json.

So your code that calls JSON.stringify does not work.

The remedy is to include json2.js from  It does not interfere with IE8+.  Just download the file (the “raw” button – saveas) to your script lib and include as so:

<script src="Script/json2.js"; type="text/javascript"></script><!-- Needed for IE7. -->

Running IE9 in compatibility mode does not make this error appear – it seems like IE9-in-IE7-mode is running a newer script engine.

That impediment avoided you are free to continue adding value to your site.