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Using Git for Windows with Atlassian Bitbucket

July 4th, 2012

The real article is here.

I like how the Git-for-windows application is very clean.  But I don’t like how it doesn’t give the user any clues.  Like: I know I can add a new repository by clicking the add button but there is no way for me to see that I can reference an existing by dragdropping a folder.  Maybe I can do this by the same add button but I can’t see it.

It also doesn’t give the user any clue about d’esprit of Git.  Giving Git a GUI that catches the spirit while being easy to use would be quite a feat.  I dare to say that if I started building such an application I would lose track of ease-to-use at the same pace as I gathered Git knowledge.

For the newbie I recommend Git for windows.  Silverbacks need more gauges and levers and will use the command line.

Back to spirits.  I learned the basics of Git through the well written post as Github.