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git – github – source tree

Aug 14th, 2017

I thought of calling this article The value of tools.

I started with git at the command prompt. The threshold was high. Not only was the way of treating my precious source code files new but I also had to learn new commands and how to parse the returned text.

Then came what is now called Github desktop. It made simple tasks even simpler. It couldn’t do any hard tasks but I was perfectly comfortable with this since 99% of my tasks are simple. It is just when I mess up Git I need more horse power.

So came Source tree which made harder tasks easier. Not Easy since one has to be concentrated; and Source tree has a number a bugs and caveats that makes it not as simple to use as Github desktop.

A client that is very good for what it is good at might suffice.
To build a graphical tool for Git that is both easy to use for less knowledgable people and complete for an advanced Git user is hard, even impossible.

Alas: The solution to build a simple tool for simple tasks and an advanced tool for advanced tasks is a good idea.

Using Git for Windows with Atlassian Bitbucket

Jul 4th, 2012

The real article is here.

I like how the Git-for-windows application is very clean.  But I don’t like how it doesn’t give the user any clues.  Like: I know I can add a new repository by clicking the add button but there is no way for me to see that I can reference an existing by dragdropping a folder.  Maybe I can do this by the same add button but I can’t see it.

It also doesn’t give the user any clue about d’esprit of Git.  Giving Git a GUI that catches the spirit while being easy to use would be quite a feat.  I dare to say that if I started building such an application I would lose track of ease-to-use at the same pace as I gathered Git knowledge.

For the newbie I recommend Git for windows.  Silverbacks need more gauges and levers and will use the command line.

Back to spirits.  I learned the basics of Git through the well written post as Github.