Publishing Dotnet core 2 – dependencies manifest … was not found

If you try to run a stand alone / self contained Dotnet core 2 solution you might run into something like:

 An assembly specified in the application dependencies manifest (TestRunCore2.d
eps.json) was not found:
 package: '', version: '2.0.0'
 path: 'runtimes/win-x64/lib/netcoreapp2.0/Microsoft.CSharp.dll'

It might be because you haven’t published properly to get all the dotnet files.

Or, as in my case, I was standing in the […\win10-x64] folder and not in the [..\win10-x64\publish] folder.
I thought that by standing the [\win10-x64] folder, where my [TestRunCore2.exe] file was, dotnet would reach into the [publish] folder.
I then noticed that the [publish] folder contains both my exe and the dotnetcore files.


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  1. Tobias Hildebrandt says:

    with which commands did you publish your project?
    I get the same error on a remote maschine with .net core 2.0 sdk installed, but I don’t even have a published folder.

    I used:
    dotnet -clean
    dotnet -restore
    dotnet – publish -c release -r win7-x64 -o /bin/dist/win7-x64

    And I get the exact same error as you.

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