>Time estimation and business objects, CRUDSLM


A small rule I have while estimating time or looking into a system is to run CRUDSLM against all business objects and possibly all database tables.

I make sure that every business object has one tick in each C, R, U and D.  This is the normal case and by doing this I guard myself against forgetting something.  There are times when things aren’t updated and even not deleted but then I know this and can argue for it.
It is a fast exercise and I usually run it only once against every business object and once against every database table.

For time estimation I extend the CRUD with SLM where the letters are Search, List and Manipulate respectively.  Many times, especially with the main business objects, they are Listed and Searched.  Then for reports, imports and exports they have to be Manipulated too.

I have many times found out that Delete is missing.

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