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Review of Electrolux ultrasilencer 3980P vacuum cleaner

January 8th, 2011

In short:

The least noisy vacuum cleaner I have tried.  I would buy it again.


It is the least noisy vacuum cleaner I have tried.  Calling it quiet is simply wrong.
A cushion is quiet.  A computer hard drive can be said to be quiet. An idling 200hp car engine is less noisy than this vacuum cleaner.

To compare: one can have a conversation beside it with only a slightly raised voice. One can listen to music from a hifi if one doesn’t listen to the music but just hear it.  But only if the cleaner is set to level 3 of 5.

At level 5 it is still less noisy than other cleaners I have tried, but forget talking without it being painful.

The metal tubes are oval-squarish.  This means one cannot use it for hand tools in the garage which always have round tubing.  The tubes’ connections are fastened with buttons which feels alright.  I cannot say f it is better or not than regular round-tube-friction-connections.

There is no locker for extra tools in the machine but they/it are/is on the tubes, by the handle.  Bigger machine or clumsier tubes; a matter of taste.

I can’t say if the suction is better or worse.  The handle likewise.  Corner handling likewise.

I would like to give kudos to the manufacturer for finally finding out that users don’t like noisy machines but I don’t; since it took them waay to long time.  100+ years.