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TortoiseSVN and

January 27th, 2012

The quick and dirty documentation found for instance here hints at one should write the project name and user name together with the https source path.  So is not the case if one uses TortoiseSVN.

So the string compulsorycat --username

should really be

Not that hard to figure out really.  But it took me a while.  I even missed it at this helping side.

Just for information.  Nothing fancy.

Running two version managers against one solution

March 25th, 2011

Since I have been having problems with reaching my company’s TFS server from home I started with SVN.  One could say I use SVN as an offline SCM.

#1: Don’t use Visual studio for both version managers in the same solution.

Visual studio takes for granted one solution is against one SCM.  Swapping TFS and SVN messes everything up.

#1.1: Use Visualstudio with TFS and SVN with explorer.

I don’t think there is a TFS tool for explorer so the other way around is not possible.  This means I checkin TFS from Visual studio and commit SVN from explorer.

#2: Stuctural changes take time.  And possibly ruins the history.

I don’t try to keep the SCMs in sync but instead have the TFS as main repository.  I make sure folder moves etc. are done properly in TFS and then just reset (get everything – commit whatever it looks like) in SVN.

With these caveats sorted out it works nice.