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Gratis sql client tools to put on server

May 18th, 2011

( There are probably many but I haven’t bothered to do a deep search since I normally have Sqlserver and its tools on my machines. )

I avoid installing query tools on the servers to keep them as clean as possible but sometimes I need to and then there are two that spring to mind.

Microsoft Sql server 2008 management studio express which requires an install.

JAlbaharis  Query express which comes as a folder.  No installation and no risk of contaminating the server.  As is mentioned on the page there is a F/OSS version with more functionality here.  The latters seems to in active development at writing time.

Even though I wouldn’t say Management studio has a well thought through user interface it is better than Query express.  On the other hand – the source code of the latter is free (someone has already branched it but I haven’t tried the fork yet, written in C#, visual studio and seems to be active)

First time I tried Query express I threw it away since there is a bug that kicks in if you make the new document in the MDI window maximized and then run the query; the splitter between query and result is set to the bottom om the document and it looks like there is no result.  Workararound: either run the query first with non-maximized document or simply drag the splitter upwards.

Are there more gratis tools anyone would recommend?