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Visual studio tip: shift-alt-enter for maximizing working area, and have two working states

March 22nd, 2011

Due to some reason unknown to man there is in Windows the idea of every window to have a title bar, unusable for anything but dragging and double clicking and holding approximately four buttons.  Chrome and Opera have reused the space for tabs, well done!

Visual studio has its own solution.  Press shift-alt-enter (or somewhere on the menu) and the application maximizes itself to get rid of caption bar and borders.  Unfortunately the menu is still visible (it should be able to set it to auto hide) .  Then remove the tool bars and set the tool windows to auto hide; almost everything is now the editor.

Now shift back to the space wasting  layout (shift-alt-enter) and the old setting is back.  So not only do we get more working space, we get a fast layout switch too the same way it switches layout when and when not debugging.

Also applicable for Sqlserver management studio.

Visual studio with and without extra maximized state.

Viusal studion x 2