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How to set up IIS 7.5 to use an Apppool user to connect to Sqlserver

October 6th, 2014

Honor those who should.

Setting up a new Web site and then connecting it to Sqlserver is a breeze if one uses the development web server.
But if one wants to use the real McCoy, i.e. IIS, there is more work.

iis apppool:


Why use the real IIS when it is so cumbersome?  Because it looks more like the real production environment.

How do I debug?  Like this:

Start Visual studio i in administrator mode. (if one doesn’t, VS is helpful with this)
Then ctrl-alt-p (menu:debug:attach to process) and choose the w3wp.exe process, with the right user name. Attach. Debug.

IIS 7 IISAppPool lightly explained

July 18th, 2011

If you wonder about what IISAppPool is, please follow this link: or this same one with an easier to read URL.

It is an almost-user that IIS uses for running each web in its own space.  One can do the same with ordinary users but it seems to be to much of a hassle for us regular developers.

The article doesn’t explain everything; but exactly what I needed.  Then together with and especially the comment by Hans Passant it made me solve an access problem.