T4 – Template and TemplateTemplate

Update: use this tip instead.

One can call a template from another through <#@ include file=”MyTemplateTemplate.tt” #> Variables defined in MyTemplate.tt are then transfered to MyTemplateTemplate.tt. The trick is to set them in the right order.

Below is also shown a way to avoid unnecessary output. Here is [another].


string Greeting = "HelloWorld";
bool createOutput = true;
<#@ include file="MyTemplateTemplate.tt" #>


if( !createOutput )
return "//	This file is not in use.";

…the template code

bool createOutput = false;
string Greeting = string.Empty;

As you can see the TemplateTemplate has the variable assignment as a statement “<#+” below/after the code.

Then there is the createOutput flag as a trick to avoid output. Return blank if you want an empty file. Another way to avoid compilable code that won’t compile is here.

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