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If you want to record what you are doing on your Windows(8?) there is a little program called “Step recorder” that does just this.

With a magical formula it takes snap shots of your screen and saves as a .mht file which can then be opened in a web browser (ie only?).

I use it for instance when manipulating servers and other hairy stuff to record what I was doing. If I need to I can then look for clues why an update didn’t work.

It can also be used for aiding you mom who complains about whatever icon that doesn’t show up when it should. Start Step recorder, let her do her stuff, stop/save Step recorder and then email the resulting file. YMMV

Here is another usage: You have a bug that shows only sometimes. Record what you are doing and wait for the bug to show its face. Look at how you got there in the mht file.

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  1. johan says:

    Finns plugin för firefox som klarar mht-filer.

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