Short review of Samsung Galaxy SII

I won’t write much about what is good because there is so much and it can be found in ads and with sales people.

+ Very good machine.
– No real keyboard.
– Doesn’t have a tonne of external hardware like the Iphone.
+ Big screen.
– Big phone.
– Android OS which means more control.
– You have to sell your soul to Google to make it work good.
– Can’t change memory card without taking out the battery.
– Expensive, like 500€.
– For that price it would have been nice if a (simple) cover had been included.
– Slow camera.
– Android collects addresses from everywhere so one gets multiple entries for several contacts. These can be connected so only one remains. But edit this one and the x originals pop up and it doesn’t show which is which.
– Annoying sleep disturbing beep in the middle of the night when the battery is fully charged. A factory reset might remedy this.
– Annoying beep when the usb is connected. I have used an app to get rid of it and then changed to a night stand clock that mutes.
– Android: the calendar(s) can have problems synching if you have more than one calendar in your calendar. I, for instance, added one more calendar to my already 4 and it refused to site on my phone. Googling showed emptying the calendar data stores and resynching might help. I did and it could then only sync one of my 5. Factory reset did the trick, but I don’t want to do that every time I add a calendar.
– The WLAN antenna could be better.

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