SAP Cats and travel is pure eevulness

The Cats and travel program/solution/functionality is possibly probably the worst program I have been forced to use during my entire life.

I compare it to the ones I have written myself and won’t touch with a 10 meter pole.  I compare it to lousy hacks sent to me to solve a problem and nothing else.  I compare it to the wierd programs that came to live about the birth of Windows3.  I compare it to any program I have ever stumbled upon on any machine on any device during any circumstance; including boat electronics, old WindowsCE and washing machines.

It isn’t just bad.  No.  That is not how bad it is.  It is worse.  There is a special place in hell for the responsible behind the product.  That place is situated right next to the place for the ones that buy it to use in their business Against their employees.  They have obviously never used it as human beings.

It is pure eevulness devouring your soul.

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