Running the Adobe XD viewer gives me 9! new processes

I wondered why my laptop fan kicked in whenever I started the Adobe XD viewer. So I checked Task managter and found 9 processes!
When I killed the processes another one, a crash recovery process started.

To top it of I got 3 processes for autostart, running whether I have started the XD viewer or not.
Or maybe 6, depending on where you look and what you look for.

I have disabled 3 tasks in Task manager->Startup
but whenever I start the machine there are 3 processes from Adobe running.
So, through Sysinternals’ autoruns I find 6+2+5 autostarts and various settings. I have not delved into what is running processes and what “just another” setting.

As a viewer it is quite hefty.

As if the computer, Dell, with latest version of Windows, and Microsoft bloat ware was not enough…

I am running Windows10. I don’t know what the XD viewer looks like on MacOS.

In Adobe’s defence I have not measured the memory and cpu and power consumption impact.
On the other hand I have not checked what else Adobe has done, like installing programs that are not so easily linked to adobe (svchost) or bogging down the machine in other ways (hard disk, changing order of processes in the network pipe) or what it does when it calls home.

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