Prioritising is about removing stuff

The question is not “Can you do x before month’s end?”.

The question is “Can you remove something that is less important than x?”

In an earlier project I had all my tasks on a wall so when someone wanted a task done they had to physically remove a note and instantly knew that another task would not be done (until something else was done or removed).

To put even more stress on the person, let’s call him Andersson, wanting to allot some of my time the notes/tasks had different owners. This meant that Andersson got a physical feeling that his/her work was more important than someone else’s.

“Do you think I can remove Svenssons note?”
“I don’t know. Ask him.”

This meant I didn’t have to switch task and search out Svensson and present someone else’s task and then come back to Andersson with a result.
Andersson understood his/her action had impact on two other people. Andersson’s problem was still in his/her hands.
My time spared. Svensson’s time spared.
Andersson didn’t have to wait for a decision from someone else.
All win.


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