Minfied respond.js does not work in unpatched IE7

I haven’t the full reason for the problem – exactly which implicit line ending that goes wrong – or whatever else that is broken.  But the (almost) fix is – don’t use the minified version.  At github you can get either version as (respond.min.js or respond.src.js).  Go for the latter, it is the non-minified one.

In my unlatched IE7 I get a somewhat stocastic behaviour.  When just browsing it first fails but a reload makes the page load properly.
When I debug both the debugger and IE freezes at a regular javascript row in respond.js.  “document = doc.documentElement”.  This is also where I give up.

Other browsers – including Safari/Ipad and built-in/Android seems to work alright with the minified version.

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