Logging all SQL from nHibernate

There are several ways to see what queries are used by Nhibernate.

If you are doing serious development I recommend Nhprof. It costs some but it is second to none regarding overview and ease of use. One bug caught and it is paid for. The GUI is a bit clicky but does a good job of providing good S/N ratio.

Sniff the traffic. I have not done this seriously but once wrote an ADO sniffer since there wasn’t any profiler for MsAccess.

There there is tracing the RDB. Possibly gratis or even free, depending on database (I haven’t checked them all, only Microsoft’s one). In my experience it is too noisy to have running during the whole development cycle like one can do with Nhprof.

Then one can use Nhibernate itself to log. Check Nhibernate succinctly, chapter 12, for how to setup Nhibernate with Log4net. If you want to log through another framework the same author wrote an article.

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