Keyboards, keyboards, keyboards

I develop programs. I touch type. I use a keyboard extensively. I use Microsoft sculpt, Falbatech ergodox, 1337keyboard and BecerroInamovible.

I don’t take light on keyboards and don’t understand other keyboard jockeys that just use whatever comes with the machine.

I’d love to make my own keyboard.

Here is a the Geekhack forum for DIY and buy.


I have made my own 1337 keyboard layout that mixes the layout of Us-En (good for programming languages), Swedish (my language of birth) and Azerty (switched numbers/characters in top row). I used it with my Autohotkey based BecerroInamovible for an extra layer of keys.


But until then I keep track of existing. Both ergonomic for extensive use and portable for mobile use.

Atreus. DIY or order. Ergonomic. Open source. Looks wireless. Looks awesome for typing and hacking. Me want.

Ergodox. F/OSS. Kickstarted if I remember correctly.

Falbatech is a Polish copy of Ergodox. I have one made out of bamboo and it looks gorgeous. Presently I am training myself in using it. Since there are fewer buttons than an ordinary keyboard I have to remap my fingers. On the other hand I can decide what each button does so it will be natural for me.

Keyboardio home page. is open source and ergonomic. A bit ugly but triggers my want-hormones. It also has a wooden surface and and an Arduino to run it all. Kickstarted successfully. A colleague of mine has it but doesn’t like it due to not having separate arrow keys. For me that is not a problem as I use a meta key, like I do with my Authotkey based BecerroInamovible solution.

Ultimate hacking keyboard. Split. Crowdsourced.

Waytools Textblade. For mobile use. Blue tooth. Qwerty layout but not totally touch type. From about 100€. Might work.
Id love to get my hands on one to test and review.

Update: I have stopped tracking ergonomic keyboards

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