>Huawei 220E and Vista


Look into upgrading the 3G dongle software if your Huawei220e doesn’t work with Vista.

My Huawei 3G dongle worked nicely with my WinXP and even better with my Asus Eee.

When I changed to Vista it refused to work properly.  The driver and UI installed correctly but failed to neither work nor give me a usable error message.  I looked at the internet for several days without finding a solution, not even on 3’s pages.  Later I by chance talked to a colleague and he told med to update it at the store for free.  The first clerk didn’t have a clue what I was talking about but the next exchanged the dongle for a piece of paper and told me to wait for two days.

After two days I got the dongle back and now it works so so with Vista and not yet with my Eee.

On a note all software is not removed from the computer when uninstalled.  Even though I uninstalled the software it still remembered my pin code.

The UI is also not navigable with the keyboard, a mouse is needed.

Huawei being one of the bigger, probably biggest, manufacturer of 3G dongles for laptops should really have better software.

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