Get calling method’s name automatically in dotnet

Way too many times have I written

void MyFunction( int aNumber){ MyHomemadeLogClass.Logg( "MyFunction", "aNumber=" + aNumber.ToString()); ...}

to get logging functionality.

It would be so nice to just write

void MyFunction( int aNumber){ MyHomemadeLogClass.Logg(); ...}

It is no hard to do. Use reflection to get the call stack to get to the method and the parameters. Convert all this to a readable string.
Unfortunately it is not that easy to log the contents of the parameters, one has to get into some sort of debugger area to do that.

 class ReflectionUtility {     private static System.Reflection.MethodBase GetCallingMethod()     {         return new System.Diagnostics.StackTrace().GetFrame(2).GetMethod();     }     public static string GetCallingMethodFullNameReturnParametertypes()     {         return MethodFullNameReturnParametertypes(GetCallingMethod());     }     private static string MethodFullNameReturnParametertypes(System.Reflection.MethodBase method)     {         return string.Format("{0} {1}.{2} ({3})",             ((System.Reflection.MethodInfo)method).ReturnType,    // System.Void, System.Int32 etc.             method.DeclaringType.FullName,   // MyNamespace.MyClass.             method.Name,   // MyMethod.             string.Join(",", method.GetParameters().Select(p => p.ParameterType.ToString() + " " + p.Name).ToArray())   // () or (int) or (int,string) etc.             );     } }

To use this in a Logging class one must implement a GetCallingCallingMethod or even worse, but it would make this example hard to read.

One can use the Conditional attribute to avoid the call when not debugging.

I also put the code on pastebin to make the copy-paste easier. (I have yet to find a good way to present code.)

Update: go to for the source code in a LGPLd project.

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