Encrypt Android and restore a bricked Google nexus 7

Encrypt android

With the later (exact version unknown) it is possible to encrypt the whole Android device. This should mean that anyone getting hands on your machine can’t get to its data. I don’t know the encryption method nor do I know if there are any holes to exploit that makes the encryption moot.

Just go look in the Settings and there is a Security and from there you’ll find your way.
The memory card can be encrypted too.

For encrypting a device one must start using a pass code to start the machine.
For security one should also have a pass code to open it. Now this can be tedious, pressing in 4 characters or more every time you want to do a small check.
Try out Llama. It can react on the cell masts/IDs and in a beta to WLANs. For instance have the device not being locked while being at home (close to a mast or within your home’s WLAN range).

Restore a Google nexus 7

First hits when googling google nexus restore are various kinds of holding down power button and up/down volume.

If this does’t work there is a hidden while doing System restore I found here.

If you are so out of luck this doesn’t work go here to do a full OS replacement.

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