Communicate, communicate, communicate – and it’s all about ergonomics baby!


A new Cccommunicate letter is out.

My primary working tool is my computer. My primary tactile tool to handle the computer is my keyboard. So it would be strange if I didn’t spend some time making it better.

20 years ago I looked at my hands and wrists I saw that they prefer to stay straight.

So I folded the legs on the keyboard and laid it flat.
It felt awkward for the first 10 minutes but I knew that I, ergonomically, was on the right track.

Now I can say that that was the simplest thing I have ever done to decrease the risk of working injures. Or just simply improve ergonomics.


Table of contents:

Continous delivery in 10 minutes (java,win)
Sisodb and Sqlserver – DDB on top of RDB – What? – (win)
Unit testing is enhanced in VS11 (win)
Common pitfalls in jquery – a short article for avoiding some of them (javascript)
Team explorer everywhere – run TFS from Eclipse (win?)
The new GUI in VS11 – a slight step backwards (win)
Lint and javascript – JSLint and JSHint (javascript)
Learning Azure – weekly webcast (win)
Jetbrains dotnet decompiler and assembly browser version 1.0 (win)
INotifyPropertyChanged – here is a better solution than standard (win)
Software Team Leader Manifesto – Take #2 – Elastic Team Leadership in Software – Elastic Leadership – simple online kanban board
PRODUCTS AND RELEASES – new social network thingy from microsoft
Blank keyboards – übergeek
An 8 cm long cmputer on open platform
Power unit for a computer power in a car or boat
Transparency for copyright removals in search (google) – online realtid (så gott det går) info om virus och säkerhet
27b6 – the neighbour and the halogen lamp
Punkin chunking – a DIY sport
You cannot parse HTML with regex
Lowered prices on games


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