>Bad menus

>Since my first application with menus à la Mac/Win I have wondered over the semi standard menus.

So first we have File, a noun. There is supposed to be things to manipulate Files there.
Then comes Edit, a verb. Is this where you look for ways to edit things?

View which often follows is both a noun and a verb which is good because then you can have lots of stuff in it. Which is bad because you can have lots of stuff in it.
After this there is usually a group of menus that are application specific so I have no opinion of them.
Ending the group of application specific menus is the menu Tools that really is a misspelled acronym for Things Out Of The Standard; or possibly Things That Go Nowhere Else.
The finale is Help that contains ways to get help. And the version number of the application.

Am I the only one who feels this as a bit illogical?
Shouldn’t all top menus be nouns or am I missing something?

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  1. neofob says:

    >I’m right there sharing your confusion on this.

  2. Manuel Anaya says:

    >hey! that’s interesting… I’ve never thought of that before!
    I long to find such a menu:
    Helpings >> Ye old wishing well

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